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Da Vinci Robot How the Da Vinci Robot Works In Hollywood, FL

Using the mechanical arms and 3D video camera of the da Vinci surgical robot, Dr. Masel performs minimally invasive operations that result in smaller incisions, quicker recovery, shorter hospitalization, and better results for patients.Under anesthesia 3 robotic arms and a video camera are inserted into the patient through small skin incisions.

Once the robot is connected to the patient Dr. Masel performs laparoscopic surgery while seated in front of a computer console that provides a 3D video screen and controls to manipulate the robotic arms. The 3 robotic arms inserted into the patient have tiny wrists near the tips that bend in all directions and increase the dexterity and manipulation possible for surgery.

da vinci

This is a tremendous advance over standard laparoscopic surgery in which surgeons have been limited to viewing anatomy on standard video monitors while working with rigid tools that have limited movement. The improved precision of robotic surgery provides patients with fewer side effects and faster return of function after surgery.

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