Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

The threat of prostate cancer in Hollywood, FL, and all throughout the country is a serious matter that the public must take seriously right from the start. Early detection and prevention are the best ways to solve this problem, according to Dr. Jonathan Masel He and his team at the Masel Urology Center see cases come through every day, and they want people to know that there is hope and there are treatment options. 

Having Hope When Facing The Big C

People don't even like to utter the words prostate cancer in Hollywood, FL. As soon as the word cancer escapes their mouth, it is as if they are talking about something so heavy and so damaging that they simply cannot bear the weight of what they are saying. It is understandable that people are uncomfortable discussing this topic for long, but it is also important that those facing these very serious situations understand that treatment options are available to them. At the Masey Urology Center, the following treatments are available for prostate cancer in Hollywood, FL: 

  • Hormone Therapy 
  • Cryotherapy
  • Chemotherapy 
  • Surgery 
  • Radiation Therapy 
  • Bone-directed therapy 
  • Vaccine injections 

Any one (or any combination) of these treatments may be useful to get a patient the help that they need. It mostly comes down to what kinds of treatment the patient is comfortable receiving as well as what the doctors recommend as their course of treatment based on the severity and progression of their illness. The exact course of treatment will be something that Dr. Masel will have to discuss with the individual patient when the time comes based on their particular screenings and results. It might be the case that what works perfectly for one patient is less than ideal for another. Whatever the case may be, it is nice to know that you have people fighting in your corner who will not give up until all options have been exhausted. That is comforting to a lot of people, and it provides them with the hope they need to continue fighting. 

You Can Fight 

People often associate prostate cancer in Hollywood, FL with a very dire outcome, but that does not have to be the case. Some people do succumb to the illness, but early detection can do wonders to keep a person alive and help them survive the hardest of trials when it comes to this illness. They can bounce back and actually emerge healthier than ever before if they are given the opportunity to fight. The important thing is that we must inform people that they are not up against a death sentence with this. Those seeking hope and treatment options should contact the Masel Urology Center and ask for Dr. Jonathan Masel at 954-961-7500 to discuss their options. 

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